Trimming Tomatoes

Trimming Tomatoes

JUNE has arrived.

The yellows are creeping into the leaves and the droopy browns are taking the beautiful plant to a state of "summer is here" scream.  As the kids are playing in lawn sprinklers, eating sno cones and giggling at all the little frogs hopping around, your garden will need a little face lift.

Use your trusty tools, we prefer Fiskars and we pick them up at Home Depot, but we call them clippers probably a more formal name for them, but really who is paying that much attention to the improper and proper names of a garden tool, we just want to cut that death look off of our prized possession in the garden.

"Cue the music of angels" in your mind - as you think of your Juliet, your Cherokee Purple, your Roma, Your Celebrity they are out working so hard to produce those delicious tomatoes that you long for in the winter months.  

It's OKAY to give them a trim, I call it a haircut, but you can choose to call it whatever you like.  AND GO TO TOWN ON IT, they don't call me "Edwina Scissorhands" for NOTHING.  If it's brown or yellow, cut it down.  

Keep those babes alive and well watered throughout the summer and come Fall, you'll be begging me to sell your tomatoes in our classes.  Or just giving them away, to EVERYONE.  

Enjoy the trim and hydrate, we hydrate with our amazing Berkey Filtered water!  It taste AMAZING and we slice cucumbers for extra hydration and add just a drop of lemon essential oil


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Have a blessed day,

FarmGirl - DONELLE or Edwina or Duchess, too many nicknames to list them all...