Many ways to garden...

Many ways to garden...

There are so many ways to garden these days.  It's not just a large garden that you see plowed next to someone's home anymore, but there are container gardens, truck beds, wheelbarrows, tree buckets, table creative as you can be, with proper soil, air, water, and sun you can grow just about anything. 

We purchased Tower Gardens, an aeroponic system that Juice Plus+ promotes, a while ago, I would say maybe 6 years ago!?  We've tried and tried to keep them running but we are always tending to our babies in the ground and on other properties, but this season we decided to really try out the tower gardens that so many rave about...and well, it definitely grows food!

Yeah, you can hear my bit of disappointment.  It just seems, flat to me.  Takes the fun out of the harvest for me.  I want the reward to be more than just filling the base with water and adjusting the ph levels, I mean we aren't in a society yet that can't grow food in the ground, so why start now?  All this to say - it's not my favorite way of gardening but it might be YOURS!   

Easy. Yes. 

Rewarding, depends on how you look at reaping the benefits.

If you would like to try it out, come by and check ours out 3708 N Highway 77 Waxahachie, TX 75165 and we have people that we can connect you with that you can order your own Tower Garden!


The Trendy FarmGirl