Simply Fit

What does it mean to be simply fit?

I’m writing this on a Monday, after a weekend of being at a water park South of Dallas, called Schlitterbaun.  It was this weekend that nailed the missing piece into my brain, to flip that switch.

I have been an organic gardener for many years and we (FARMGIRLS) have taught thousands how to grown and preserve their own food.  We even venture into seed saving (mostly because of my personal hero Jere Gettle!)

I have been a personal trainer, I have hired many personal trainers in my life, I have had health coaches.  I don’t have any auto-immune diseases, or anything unusual about me, health-wise.  I just have the case of “I’m too busy” and it becomes my biggest hurdle in all things that I teach everyone around me to do.  (The cobbler’s son so to speak )

So, I know.

I know how to be fit, I know how to grow food, I know how to cook. I get it, I understand, so WHY don’t I just do it?

All sorts of reasons come flying out of my brain at this question.

I don’t wear make-up, very often.  I usually am in my amazing Cabi clothes OR yoga pants.  There isn’t an in between.  I am in gardens most of the week or teaching a class, and finding time to eat in between is my biggest challenge.

It all catches up to you at some point.

So, here I am today. Head full of knowledge but my heart was back in my 27 year old mind/body.  Thinking, I have plenty of time.  I will just work another few days and get going.  I pay to have my trainer (you’ll hear about him) Ahmad to literally kick my butt. And YET, I still waste the precious time and energy I spend with him, by letting it all go to my waist.  LITERALLY.

So the bikini season.

My sister asked me to go with her to a waterpark, I threw together a suitcase and ran out the door, grabbed one of my 20 swimsuits and thought, meh – it will do.

Well. SURPRISE.  It didn’t fit, so I went to a waterpark in a sports bra and a pair of running shorts.  I was that person.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing, nothing at all.  But for me, it was everything.

So, I went home pulled out my meal plan from my trainer and started working on it.  The excuses had to stop. It is time for me to be what I teach and alas, here is this blog.

New name. Same people. Learning how to balance.

As I go into this journey, perhaps you’ll join me.  Perhaps you’ll find inspiration in what I do or experience.

So as I tip my infused cucumber melon with lemon essential oil water, to you on this Bright Day of Monday in May – here we go.

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