Building Friendships Over Garden Gates...

Let's talk about who we are...

The FarmGirls of Garden Inspirations have a purpose.  Educate, Empower, and Encourage.  We want our clients to succeed.  Connecting you to your food source, or knowing where your food comes from is our goal.  We want our clients to have the knowledge of "how to" plant a garden, "how to" save seeds, "how to" put up food for the winter.  Afterall, knowledge is powerful.


Garden Inspirations is a garden education company.  Marilyn Simmons and daughter, Donelle Simmons started the business in 2005, as a side hobby.  As their lives changed, so did the business.  Today Marilyn & Donelle are garden coaches, garden educators, manage two community gardens, founders of The Green Garden Club, design and install organic landscapes, teach a variety of garden educational workshops and seminars, brew fresh compost tea, garden, and host a weekly radio show, The FarmGirls Radio Show. 


When Marilyn was asked, why do you continue to keep your garden gates open?  She replied:

When Marilyn was asked, why do you continue to keep your garden gates open?  She replied:

I want people to learn to garden with success, and continue to walk down a healthier path...
— Marilyn Simmons

When Donelle was asked, why do you continue to work in the garden business?

I believe in education, it is powerful. If you do not know, you might not realize what is actually the source of the problem, education opens your eyes. I believe what we are doing is serving a much greater purpose than all the sweaty days and tears it takes to build this business.
— Donelle Simmons

Marilyn Simmons was born and raised in rural Oklahoma.  She was raised with her five brothers and sisters on a dairy farm, her family farmed cotton and had large gardens.  The love of gardening came early for Marilyn, as she spent many hours with her Grandmother Jameson piddling in the gardens.  She married into a farming family outside of her hometown and it was her mother-in-law who taught her how to create a beautiful garden.  Life happened.  Things changed.  It wasn't until Marilyn and her husband moved their two daughters to Texas that the love of gardening found her once again.  Spending more than a decade working at The Greenery in Waxahachie, taking classes from various teachers across the North Texas area, and becoming a loyal follower of Lucy Harrell brought her to the business she has today.  Garden Inspirations was born through the love of fresh cut flowers and freshly brewed compost tea, everything else has fallen into place as time moved on...

Donelle's first trip to Croatia

Donelle's first trip to Croatia

Donelle Simmons was born and raised in rural Oklahoma, she was raised with her sister and large extended family.  Being raised on the farm and moving into the city at a young age opened her eyes to a whole new world.  Growing up on dirt roads, the mall was a place you visited on vacation, not a daily occurrence.  She watched each spring as her mother created garden beds and fussed with a small garden, but did not have an interest.  After college, Donelle had the opportunity to live in Europe.  Europe stole her heart and melted into her bones, she hasn't looked back since.  Living in Europe, food was culture and culture was based around the food.  It was the first time she tried to cook, seen eggs sold at a market --not in a cooler--had raw milk, gardens with a purpose, food that tasted like...food.  Memories of her younger days growing up on the farm flooded her and she was hooked into Garden Inspirations even from afar.  When Donelle moved back home, she began the journey with Marilyn, brewing compost tea, planting vegetables, flowers, herbs, landscapes, all of it she immersed herself into, and fell in love.  The education component of the business is the center of her focus.  You cannot change the world you live in without having any sort of knowledge, and that is exactly what she plans to do.  Educate. 

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